Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Am Fruit

I am fruit
Before the picking
Hard and sour
Hanging on to the branch
That will hold me
Until I am precious

I am grass
Reaching up to heaven
Until cut
I love the smell of cut grass

I am a pillow
Lay on me

I am glass
See through me
You will only know I am there
When I am dirty

I am a secret
What I keep
You can’t have
Like a liar
If I tell you I lied
Then I am not a liar
If I tell a secret
Then it is not a secret
I need the power of secret

Bones, hair, toenails
Skin, lips, a navel (pierced)
Blood and breath
Fat and muscle
Tongue and eyes
All around
This soul
And damn tired of it
I open up the outsides
Just to make sure
It’s still in there


KelleyM said...

Ooooh.... I like this poem. Is it an original? I particularly like the part about the glass... so wonderfully descriptive, beautiful, and personal. This one's really, really good.

Anonymous said...

This is SO powerful. You have a great gift with words. Thanks for sharing such heartfelt feelings in a amazingly creative way. Love you!