Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cooking Class

Yesterday afternoon Melissa and I went to the home of our director to learn some Arabic cooking from his wife, May. She is Lebanese and has had us over for Iftar dinner a few times. I had expressed an interest in learning how to make some of these dishes and so this was our chance.

We made a baked layered dish with eggplant, seasoned ground meet and tomatoes. This served on top of rice with pasta. Also, spinach filled pastry, eggplant moutabelle (similar to babaganoosh), salad and wheat and garbanzo soup. This dinner was served for Iftar (the nightly breaking of the fast) which we enjoyed with our director's family and the newly arrived lab director.

After such a filling meal we walked the mile+ back to the flat in the warm, humid Abu Dhabi air. The temp had gotten up to 120-degrees earlier in the day. Humidity well over 80%.

The evening was a lovely way to end the weekend. Back to work, though this may be a short week as the end of Ramadan is approaching. There will be a holiday though the day when it starts is not yet determined: depends on the sighting of the moon.

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KelleyM said...

What fun! Sounds like you're acclimating a bit to the heat there... a few weeks ago, walking over a mile in that heat may not have been a choice you would have made.

And I can't help thinking about how the American culture would react to a holiday at an undetermined time... fascinating stuff!!