Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid

UAE is hard on my stomach. That's all you need to know. Thanks to a very supportive friend (THANK YOU) I am stocked up on Imodium which seems to do the trick.
Don't worry. This is not a post about my stomach issues. Not so much. But being as I am once again knocked out by this I was remembering something funny that happened on my flight over. This was the flight that I ended up sharing blankets with the young man seated next to me. We talked. We laughed. We ended up falling asleep on each other's shoulders. I ended up tickling his feet. It was one of my best plane encounters. Before you get too excited for me, I'll let you know that Liam was four years old.
Liam was restless. His mother, who was seated on the other side of him was helping him choose which movie to watch. Among other choices was the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." Only all Liam heard was "Diarrhea" and something about a kid. He said "that sounds gross." His mother tried to explain what a diary was. He wasn't buying it. And throughout the rest of the flight I could hear him singing from time to time "Diarrhea fa Wimpy Kid. Diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea fa wimpy kid."
I think the author of the book on which the film was based was very clever. No kid can resist saying diarrhea. He must have known if made into a movie, the name would be sung over and over and over by four year olds and such.
I am currently working on my own memoir about my time in UAE. It will have that word in the title. And I will have come by it honestly.
Enough said.


yerba mate said...

very nice !

ILH said...

I've seen this book before but never brought back to home. Maybe I have to read this, too!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I could probably contribute a chapter or two from my life experiences. Love ya, Sis!!

KelleyM said...

No mamby pamby "eat, pray, love" for you... you get right to the heart (or should I say "gut"?) of the matter!!!! Love ya!