Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am A Boob

Arabic classes are going well. After five classes I can count to ten, ask for and tell you the time, give greetings, order food at the restaurant and know about twelve letters. So I can read some simple words (though don't necessarily know what they mean). Class before last one of the letters we learned was "Jeem" which gives a similar sound to "J" in our alphabet. This letter is easy for me to remember. I mean really. It's a boob. I wonder if sixth grade Arabic boys get the giggles in class as they write out girl's names that start with jeem.

So in class, the night we learned this letter, I was, unfortunately, in the front and right accross a desk from Melissa. Without my filter on I say to Melissa "Great. My name starts with a boob." Lovely. I mean I like it that it starts with a boob because it makes it easy to remember the letter. And I suppose it could be worse, like if it started with something that looked like a belly roll. Or a vagina if my name was Virginia or Vanessa or something. But did I really have to say that thought outloud?

To my dear friends Judy and Julie: be it known that your name also starts with a boob. See, you know some Arabic now as well.

Masalama. -J


Anonymous said...

Very funny, Sis! I'm impressed that you're learning so much. I kinda like that I'm a boob.

KelleyM said...

We are, quite literally, doubled over laughing... Ken and I are really wondering what K is...

I remain in awe of what you're doing, and the humor with which you're taking all these new experiences.

Jacky Maille said...

I love you. I love all boobs.