Friday, November 26, 2010

The Hills are Alive

...with monkeys. We have been the past two days up high in the Himalaya foothills. In the charming little town of Missouri. I am so enjoying the greenery, the cooler air, the blue skies, the forest paths to hike on. We have had views of the snow capped peak of the mountains. Amazing. Things I have really missed living in the UAE. We met up with Sarajane and got a good tour of the school. Ate Thanksgiving dinner (mashed potatoes and gravy, grilled chicken, succotash, rolls and apple pie) with the students. Took a nice long uphill hike to a little town at the top of a hill and ate the best pancakes (banana) I have ever had (I'm not a pancake fan but these were really something else). We attended Sarajane's graduation from the gap program which she's attended for the last four months. She presented a great slide show and gave an excellent speech about her experience in the program. I was quite proud of her. Met her fabulous staff. Hiked up and down the hill between Missouri and the school. We enjoyed shopping for souvenirs in the village and picked materials to have Punjab outfits made at a tailor shop. Should be able to pick up this afternoon before we leave town for the train to Delhi. This is an absolutely beautiful spot and the people so very friendly. No out and out begging like everywhere else we've been. Kids rush out to say hello and shake hands. The colors on the buildings and in the flowers and worn by all the women are fabulous. I am tempted to see if I could find a way to take a teaching spot here. After UAE. But I doubt I have anything to teach that they need here. It's just such a beautiful place. And boy would I bee in good shape with a hike up and down the hills to everything.

We are off to Delhi this afternoon and I am so excited that we will be attending a wedding. Can't wait for the experience. Understand henna and dancing will be part of the experience. Until then: Namaste!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! I am so thrilled to know that you met up with Sarajane. I'm also thrilled that you got to enjoy Woodstock and its environs. I can't wait to see pictures. Of course I was proud to read about Sj's presentation. That's my girl! I hope the wedding is an absolute blast. Love to all, Sis