Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Owe You...

Walking transporting all kinds of things up the hill town street of Mussoorie, the hill town above which Woodstock Boarding school is located.

Those are the Himalayas in the distance. The air here is so clean and cool. A welcome change from the UAE

Homes nestled in among the foothills. From one of our hikes above Mussoorie.

The cows own the streets. This one settled for my banana peel when I wouldn't give it the fruit.

Hiking past some shops along the road up to the school.

Just a sunset from somewhere up north.

Two little boys who helped serve us pancakes at the Tip Top Tea Shop. Indians of all ages are very industrious. They were working hard helping the shop owner.

Travel companions outside an ornately ornamented Hindi temple.

A typical scene from the car. Welcome back to the '60's.

Sunset prayer ceremony along the River Ganges. After chanting and beautiful music send a gift to the gods of bright flowers and scent and flame floating down the River.

Our Bride under the wedding tent. Isn't she stunning?

The wedding couple as the make their way through the five plus hour ceremony under the tent.

A very involved ceremony.

The groom's family looks on.

Our only elephant spotting.

So I know I have promised a blog entry or two or twenty on India. And I really, really intend to do a few. It was an amzaing trip. A country that would be a blessing to return to some day. All my senses were assaulted: alive with new smells and sounds and sights. Many "pinch me" moments. I thought many times "I will have to blog about this." I took many pictures. I am not happy with most. My original camera pooped out after the first few days. The replacement I was able to buy was a different model and many of the pictures are a blur. But then again the experience was a blur. Actually some of the blurry ones are interesting as you see the bright colors in motion which is what India is all about. Also, I wanted more pictures of the people but I am a little shy about taking people pictures. So I don't have as many as I wanted to have.
So the above shots are just a sampling. And tomorrow I leave for Spain. So mostly I will have to try to remember things and some day write my own version of Eat Pray Love.
Day after tomorrow I am reunited with my boy. So excited. I will share a few pictures and hope to write up more about some of what we saw and did.


KelleyM said...

Hooray! So glad you're having some GOOD adventure time. Praying for safety in travel and good memory making with your son!

Dannyboy said...

Are you the one riding on the elephant's back?

Seattle Home

Maryellen said...

Happy New Year Jennifer! I am alone w/my morning cup of Joe savoring each and every word of your amazing adventures. Thank you for transporting me and letting me live vicariously w/you. Love, prayers and more adventures! Maryellen