Friday, January 14, 2011

A Sad Sound

The call to prayer is exactly as it is every day five times a day. Why does it sound so very, very sad today? Sometimes it sounds so very, very sad I can hardly stand it, Today is one of those days. To listen to what it sounds like go here. Make sure when you play the "Listen: call to prayer" buton you hang in there through the long pauses.

Now it is Friday afternoon, about 1:00. It is the big prayer of the week. Outside of my window at the Mosque accross the street (and fifteen floors down) I see hundreds (maybe even a thousand) men, mostly in white, kneeling together towards Meccah. They were all summoned here by this haunting, mournful chant. The stairs are littered with the shoes they have removed. I wonder how they all find the right shoes when it is done.

And now it is done and in about two and a half hours from now I will hear the call again. And then again at 6:00 and 7:30. And then tomorrow morning before 5:00. Will it sound so sad each time? I'm running out of tears here.

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Maryellen said...

This is becoming habitual. Perhaps even addicting. I can hardly wait to click on my bookmarked Write Myself a Happy Ending link to see what you've posted. I read what you write. But I also feel, sense, smell and hear what you write. Love my daily escape. Hope you are well. Think of you often over there. So sad for Mary Oslin and her daughters. Love, M.E.