Friday, March 4, 2011

More of My World

A few scenes from my world...and some fun with the camera...

Taking Melissa to the airport tonight (happy for hoo for me) there were some lights from housing at the edge of the desert. So I took some shots. It was dark out there with just the lights on the edge. So the lense stayed open a long time.

The effect was king of cool.

The Grand Mosque was on the way. I am going to have to make a special trip some evening to try to get some pictures of it at night. It is so much grander than this picture. I had to do this from the moving car. The composition sucks but one can get the idea of what a great photo opportunity this is for the future.

Red light. Green light.

Fruit salad at breakfast.

The rest of breakfast.

Almost looks like home, doesn't it? PQ's near my building sometimes feels like home. And there is a Starbucks right next door. But the cafe au lait is better here.

I skipped the brunch and went right to dinner. Rosemary Garlic Chicken. And then I missed Melinda's cooking back home.

Armadillo roof at Masdar City. This is the library on campus.

Another trip to Masdar City to share with visitors.

This is what happens when someone gets hold of my camera.

The gals I work with. Really lovely ladies.

The team minus four. Will grow by three this week.

These two are going to pull off miracles for me in the next few weeks. Five deliverables due all at once. May the force be with us.


Leontien said...

King of cool....

I really like that expression!

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I just posted something and it didn't come through. Ugh! What I said was I was glad there's a 'Jen' pic. You are looking great! I really enjoy your photos. I'm glad you have a new hobby. That breakfast looks delish! Love ya!

KelleyM said...

Love seeing and hearing about your world. And great to get to see your team - it's looking like you've got quite an office going!