Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Montestigliano Wine Tasting

(Inspire by notes in the book)

The evening that will end
With the memorable quote
"Kiss my husband again,
I didn't get a picture"
Started with the wine tasting.

Ah, the wine tasting,
In which different continents
Sat side by side
And talked of the tracking of the "tears"
Which track down the side of the stemmed glass
(Otherwise known as the wine's legs,
But here, in Tuscany, they are tears.)

My notes note the almost bitterness of the Venacia
The Refola, Chianti, the Colinesse we count
The seconds it takes each to settle down
To the bottom of the glass

My friend's notes in this little book
Get looser and loopier with each glass
As do we
"Buttery" "Spicy" "Sweet" undertones which
"rounds out the aggressiveness" of
...something illegible

"In this one,
her legs are tighter together"
"In this wine we age the juices separately before we blend"
And I look around the table at my friends
And the two couples from England
And think it is also the same

My sister
After a contemplative sip
Pronounces "I taste
A handsome Italian farm worker"
And it's up the downhill slope from there.


Anonymous said...

What a fun memory. THANK YOU for recording it and memorializing it in this precious poem. Oh, what fun we had!

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