Saturday, September 10, 2011

On Passing 9/11 in the Middle East

The alert from the Embassy notes to use caution
Heightened Alert Status they call it
And somehow I feel safer here than I might at home 

The Middle Easterners whom I know,
And  whose paths I cross, are not a threat
At worst a recoiling (as when forced to stand too close in an elevator)
Typically an indifference (no eye contact)
Often casual conversation (about the hot weather)

Sometimes real relating conversation (rarely, but some treasured sometimes)
Only occasionally a mean taxi driver from Afghanistan or thereabouts
But mostly the drivers are friendly once I show my friendly cards in hand 

I do not like living here
It is not home
It is a sentence that needs an ending.
It is sometimes anxiety, sometimes frustration
Often surreal
An opportunity.  A blessing if I look hard enough. 

I know I have not done enough personally to heal the wound
Only the little things to indicate there is not hate
There are only people: me and them
Side by side
Hopefully enough


KelleyM said...

Bless you, dear friend. Praying for some ease in your last few months there...

Love and hugs!

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