Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adventures in Abu Dhabi

I've added a new link in my favorite blogs section for Aba Dhabi Doo, which is being put together by my coworker, Melissa, from our Boise office. She arrived in AD about a week ago and has started a blog. This helps me picture what life will be like there. In an earlier email she sent to me about her first impressions she enthusiastically stated "You will love it here!"

She also mused about the three blonds she saw on the plane from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi. Said she hadn't seen them since the plane ride and wondered where they had dissappeared to since she hadn't seen them (or any other blonds) since she arrived. Looks like we'll be in the minority. What an interesting slice of life I'll be experiencing.

Anyway, check out Melissa's blog. I too will have another blog focues on Abu Dhabi. I plan to keep this blog going but will not announce its existance to certain relatives and co-workers as this one sometimes gets a little deeper into my psyche than I care to have mutual aquaintances wander.