Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Getting Hotter...

Fountain at Dubai Mall

I have been here about a week and a half. I have not adjusted fully to the heat. I am realizing that you never do when you spend nearly every moment in the comfort of airconditioning. Yesterday someone in the office looked up the current heat index. It came out at 130-degrees (109-temp plus 60% humidity). When you step outside under these conditions your sunglasses immediately fog up. Then you have to perch them at the end of your nose so you can see. Eventually they clear up. The transition zone between the airconditoined building (or car) and the blanket of heat takes about two steps. Then you are "hugged" by a heavy embrace of heat.

Our kitchen is very small and not much equipped. We try to cook a few meals a week but for the most part we walk to something nearby. Usually wearing jeans or other long pants and something with sleeves, often long sleeves. When possible we walk on the shady side of the buildings. If crossing a big street we have to wait for the right signal phase. There are too many u-turns and double lefts and light racers that you have to be very careful. So you wait in the heat on the pavement in your long clothes and sweat.

We are living in a hot yoga class. A steam sauna. Another thing I have to figure out about wearing here is what colors/fabrics hide the sweat the best. Dark reds, turqoise...not so good.

Night before last the four of us in the apartments walked to the Corniche. We left about 9 PM "after things cool down." We were going to take a cab home. By the time we got there we were so sweaty (I mean soaked through). We couldn't imagine getting in a cab together. And I don't think any respectable cab driver would have wanted us in his cab. So we walked back. The whole trip was around 5 miles. I figure I got all impurities out and then some. Melissa went over the top at the end and took the 15 floors of stairs back to the apartment. Unbelievable.

Stay cool!

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