Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(One) Mystery Solved

Rasha, our office assistant, solved the mystery of the Sweet Hair Removal. It is a hair removal technique and it is made out of sugar and acid. She makes it at home. She described it and it sounds like a simple syrup with lemon juice. We are to take the type that we bought and knead the package until it it soft. Then you put on your leg and then pull off. She said it is better than wax. I can't wait to share how this turns out. If it really works as well as she says, why don't we know about it. How much easier that would be than going to a waxing salon! I also heard that they do this under the arms and supposedly it keeps you from sweating as much. Well this will certainly be the place to check that out. Current temperature: 108-degrees at this very moment. It will be 111 and 110 the rest of the week.

We will be needing to wax our legs....for a WEDDING! I have been here less than a week and have been invited to two weddings. I am so excited. The one we were invited to this afternoon is for the "OE" Office Expediter we use to expedite things like visas, licenses, IDs, etc. I haven't even met him yet but I am invited and I will go with Rasha and Melissa. It is Friday night (their Sunday, remember) at 9 PM somewhere locally. All I know is that the women are separated from the men and we all sit together and wait for something to happen. Now we have the difficult task of figuring out what to wear and where we will get it.

The second wedding I was invited to was from a Jordanian girl that we interviewed for a position here. She is getting married next week and after her honeymoon may start with us. We haven't actually offered her the position yet. But that didn't stop her from enthusiastically inviting us to her wedding. I hope to go to that one too. It will be different than the one this week as I understand they do things differently in the different regions of the Middle East.

Makes me wonder about how they plan for these weddings. Typically I'm used to the brides carefully planning and culling the guest list to fit the size of the venue or the budget. Apparently that isn't a consideration here.

I will happily bring you along on this adventure through the blog.

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Laura said...

OK..I am DONE feeling pathetic..I mean...look at YOU!

I want to be you. Brave. Strong.Funny. Independent. Adventurous.

Do you know how awesome you are?
And seeing your face on my blog just made my day...I can go to sleep now.

can't wait to follow you on this new chapter...