Friday, August 20, 2010

Cup 0' Gold

My long-term readers (a few out there?) know my love for cappucinos and latte art. My idea of a prime cultural experience is sipping a cappucino in a foreign setting.

I have a new one to add to the list. Meet "The Emerates Palace Cappucino."

That is gold leaf floating on top.

This is arriving at "the Palace."

My splurge (really, it was only 50 UAE (or about $14 US).

The Palace Hotel is almost empty at noon during Ramadan. All the shops are closed. Just the one cafe open. We took in the incredible Middle Eastern Embroidery exhibit at the hotel. It was a fabulous exhibit (no pictures allowed). Colorful, incredible art work from ceveral centuries, along with old photos and descriptions of nomadic and "urban" life from several countries. Oh the colors. I wish I could show you...

By the time we finished with "tea" the other exhibit on Saadayat Island (the new cultural island project) was closed. Things close here mid-day. Especially during Ramadan when fasting locals have no energy left until they can eat at sundown.

Their other specialty drink was a Camelcinno (that's right, a cappucino made with Camel's milk). We chose the gold laded one. We also ordered a fabulous plate of scones and jams. Hopefully pictues to come...

This is Garth, our visiting engineer from the home office. The challenge is to show him things during Ramadan. He opted for the cup o' gold as well.

It is really classy to have flecks of gold on your lips after sipping your special drink.

This is the buffet in the empty cafe.

These are the empty tables in the cafe.

For a while we were the only ones there. We had lots of attentive service! We pretended we were important.

This is a not so good picture of the dome in the entrance lobby of the hotel. I'm hoping to post better pictures from Garth's camera. My iPod ran out of juice.

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KelleyM said...

How divine!! Another marvelous adventure.