Friday, August 20, 2010

Procuring Food

Accross Defense Road from our flat is Lulu's Hypermarket. It is like a Wall Mart on steroids. It's where I found the Baby Washer and other marvelous, intriguing things.

Because this is such an international community there is a huge variety of foods. Many of which I have never seen before.

The fish looks particularly fresh and beautiful as they have it arranged.

But we don't have a grill or much of a kitchen so I am reluctant to try to cook them. They do make beautiful pcitures though. I think.

Unfortunately, though, the produce is not all that lovely. Some of it is. But fresh herbs and lettuce, fennel and "quick wilters" are not so good. I am going to try the vegetable market on the other side of town sometime soon. One thing I do try to do is rinse the vetables in a diluted bleach bath prior to eating. Im hoping this will cut down on the stomach issues. Another thing I'm adjusting to in my new life...

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