Saturday, March 28, 2009

Distractions are Good!

I had a very nice distraction today. It's very exciting but I have a few people I want to surprise with it so I it will be about six days (until I see my Sis in person) until I can give details. I'll have to post a few mystery clues. On a positive front, the ears were much better today. Not back to normal yet, and, as is the pattern, later in the day is when it gets worse. But the burning part has gone down and it's more the aching which I can deal with...but only for alittle longer...please? Thursday morning I woke with the sorest throat. Felt just like I was getting strep. Feared the ear thing had moved to my throat. I even set up so that things would be covered as best I could on Friday if I didn't make it in. Warned Melinda that I probably wouldn't be at Jubilee Reach volunteer stint on Friday morning. But when the alarm went off Friday the throat was not sore at all. Weird.

But enough about me. It's been nice having Andy at home. He hardly missed a beat with his wisdom teeth extraction. He had a great time with his friends, rebonding with Satchmo, helping around the house. He's also excited about the surprise I can't share with you yet. He is also excited to start his next semester and getting back to his radio show. He's starting his semester and then the end will be here and he and I will be taking off for Scotland. I need to get going on figuring out a general plan and a few places to stay, etc.
Well, I'm exhausted (it was a long day..wink...wink and I am starting to find my drive again) Hope I can calm down my excitement enough to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

You're killing me! You did not give enough clues. Heather and the boys are here and we're having a great reunion. I'm a bit tired and sore from all the getting ready. Why do I only really clean my house when company is coming? Thank goodness Mark and the kids were a help. Send more clues . . . j