Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ears Looking at You, Kid

My ears are killing me. Now I know why little children and babies get so miserable with ear infections. One ear feels better, one worse. I'm hoping it is just an infection that will clear up with the antibiotics instead of little critters picked up from the river water in Sudan (we had to bathe in untreated water straight from the river...I did NOT swim in it!). I can't stand the thought of bugs in my ears. I remember seeing on the Learning Channel a program on ER cases and this girl comes in screaming "they're eating my brain" and tearing at her ear. They had a heck of a hard time getting her to sit still long enough to look in her ear. There they found a bug that had made itself at home in her ear canal. It was enough to drive her insane. I realize for me that would be a pretty short trip these days! Judy, bless her heart, left chicken soup and fruit at my door yesterday with get well wishes. Made my heart go all soft, really. Just as I was getting ready for bed last night the electricity went out. I found my head flashlight from my trip and made my way with that. Gave me flashbacks of Sudan, kinda. Only without the heat (it got cold without the furnace) or mosquito netting or trip in the dark to the outhouse. Still, the forehead lamp brought back some memories. Seems the trip was long ago now. Sigh... Back to work.

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