Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holding my Breath

sssshhhh. I'm holding my breath. This morning I woke up absent ear pain. Last night I continued with the old antibiotic since I haven't been able to pick up the new stuff yet. I added to that a cocktail of Claratin-D, Soma (muscle relaxant), Ambian SR and (and this might be the trick) a handfull of antacids. I tell you, I slept very soundly. In fact right through my alarm and I am feeling a little drug hangover. But I have been up for almost two hours now and the burning is not present. A little discomfort is creeping back in, and it might get to the burning again but now that I have had even a few moments without the burn I have hope that it's something that I can eventually get rid of completely. Yesterday I broke down and looked up the symptoms on the internet. I don't usually like to do that because mostly you read horror stories and all symptoms lead to cancer...but I did see a few folks that tied ear burning to GERD (acid reflux or heartburn). I am not sure I was suffering from ears were hurting too much to notice pain anywhere else. But I'm going to try keeping up with antacids today and see if I can keep the ear pain at bay. Weird connection, but that's worth a try.

Sooo, writing about aches and pains and heartburn and doctors appointments, well it makes me feel like a granny. I don't want to feel like a granny, yet. It is a reminder to me how blessed I've been all my life with good health and not having health issues to deal with, and with more empathy for those who are dealing with health and pain issues. It can be pretty consuming. God bless those in the health care field who have to deal with these mysterious maladies and patients in pain.

Speaking of patients in pain: Andy comes home for spring break on Friday. Next Tuesday he's got an appointment to get all four wisdom teeth pulled. He's a much better dental patient than I but this will probably not be his best spring break on record. Let's hope not.

Back to work and the antacids.


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