Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ciao from Tuscany. I am not spending much time on computer as there is only wireless internet at the office. I am just busy making experiences to write about and taking notes to remember. Rome was nice and short. Good room. Anne and Julie were delayed a day getting here so I was in the room alone. Met the others for a nice stroll and dinner. Same thing next day. Picked up cars and the girls at the airport. Julie and I drove one car with lots of the luggage. We were unfortunately the target of a BMW driver who fell asleep at the wheel. We are OK but the car was wrecked. Fortunately the woman running the villa where we are staying is very, very helpful. Eventualy we made it. The others got lost some too. But now all is well. We are sharing lots of laughter and Chianti. Will post more later.


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