Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Wonderful World....

I am home. The jasmine is in bloom...just like in Tuscany. What a wonderful greeting...the sweet smell of jasmine. My plants were watered well. The weeds thrived, as did everything else. I will be squeezing in weeding time this weekend. Satchmo and Andy were here to greet us (Julie and I arrived at Sea Tac within a few minutes of each other. Nancy was kind enough to pick us up at the airport and I got one last night with my sweet Sis before she returned to her family). Unfortunately, the shower wasn't quite completed. A major disappointment, especially after two days of travel. But it is close. And at least the kitchen ceiling has been reinstalled.

I still LOVE Italy. A land on which my daydreams are based. A place that powerfully awakens every sense. Every breath. Sharing the adventures with dear friends only sweetens something that seemingly could not otherwise be improved on.

There was only one negative: driving. Getting nailed on the first night only added to my angst about driving a manual transmission in a country with signs in a different language, weird signage, hard to find parking and lots of hills that are impossible with a stick shift. While we had some wonderful day trips, it was hard to leave the stress of driving behind. But that was truly the only negative. The beautiful views from our casa, the fun people we met, the hilarious times we had, the scrumptious food (cooked by Melinda and Anne as well as the dinners cooked by villa staff and all our meals out) and so many other things too plentiful to list: they all more than made up for the strenuous driving.

I have hundreds of pictures and even more good memories to remind me of how beautiful this world is, which I will try to hang onto as long as I can before the pressures of work and the disgust of my credit card bill brings me back to reality.


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