Saturday, July 25, 2009

Word Pictures

Pouting here. About the lost camera. I NEED to show you things. Like the work of some of the fabulous artists at the Art Fair. Among my favorites: the (words cannot gush enough) photographers. There were two especially talented and both of them had the same subject matter that stole my attention: pictures of people from around the world. The Indian women in their bright saris. The monks in their maroon robes caught in unexpected moments of joy. The children of poverty, rich with smiles. These were pictures I coveted. Not just to have the pictures but to have had those experiences of meeting the subjects and seeing those lands.

There was the sketch artist who drew realistic but slightly whimsical pieces. Kind of a "trump de l'oil" affect. And the man who made fascinating shelves out of old books. The combinations of titles and the added pieces of every day things (like egg beaters, or fishing lures, or heart lockets) were just fascinating. They were like a pun or a private joke hung on the wall.

I NEED the camera to show you my special pieces of china that arrived from our trip; the bowl with the cherries; the bowl with the cut squash with the seeds on the inside of the bowl; the four vegetable soup bowls with veggies inside (one squash blossom; one bunch of carrots; one artichoke; one bunch of tomatoes). These are calling out for gazpacho or avocado soup.

I NEED my camera to capture the sunrise this morning. It's going to be a hot one, but right now, on my deck with a cup of coffee it is just perfect. An eagle just lofted over, high above. Out to catch his morning breakfast.

I NEED my camera. I hope it shows up today.

Off to the store: tabouleh salad to make and still hoping to find that elusive carton of Marscipone.

Keep cool Dudes.

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