Friday, July 24, 2009

See You at the Bar

Have a smashing weekend. It's the weekend of the Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair so I'm heading there tonight; tomorrow a 1-year birthday party for a charming little lady then dinner with good friends, and; Sunday Thai cocktails and snacks with an out-of-town guest and other dear friends. Somewhere in there I have to get a deck painted and about a hundred loads of laundry done. I'm down to reversing my underwear or flying comando (too much information?). Andy is off to Ellensburg to hang with friends over the weekend.
Yesterday I rode the new light rail that just opened this week. I organized our office for a lunch outing to ride the rails. We got caught in the inconvenience of the power trouble in the tunnel and had to catch a bus to the stadium to catch the train, rather than catching it two blocks from work. It was not a good day for the system. The station announcements were all off and some unplanned stops along the way. However, I can tell it's going to be a slick system and will be great for travelling to/from the airport and the office. The final link from Tukwilla to the airport will be completed in December. Woo-Hoo! We got off at the Othello station and dined at a little Hmong restaurant. I really want to be bringing business to these little restaurants along the rail line that have had to suffer through the construction. Hoping the rail will help revitalize these areas of town. Things are looking good at some stations with redevelopment in the neighborhoods. Others not so much. Yet.
We've got a bright young intern in our office who is very into rail and pedestrian systems. He's taking a position in Sweden so we'll be losing him. At least for a while. But I love his enthusiasm for the system. He said he rodethe new l.r. all weekend for the opening of the line. He grew up in this area and told me that he was so into trains as a kid he used to beg his mother to take him to the airport so he could ride the train that connects the terminals. Isn't that sweet?
Keep yourself hydrated and the sunblock on. Toodles.

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