Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Gal's Trash...

…is my treasure. Who are your friends that are easy to shop for? I have a few that are easy to shop for because I know them well, because our tastes are similar, because I see things when out and about and snatch up to give them since it makes me think of them. Judy is one of those friends for me. Yesterday was her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!!! In the evening I took over to her some of my most marvelous gazpacho (I know that sounds boastful, but it is among my best recipes) and a wrapped box of birthday presents I had accumulated for her. Did I mention she is easy for me to shop for? So tell me, how is it that I go to deliver presents to her and I leave with a box full of beautiful dishes and mugs and things? She has been in a clearing frenzy and, my good luck, just finished going through her pantry. I almost felt bad giving her a pretty new bowl to put on her recently cleared shelf.

I, in turn, scored some sweet little hand painted mugs from Spain that go with my daily dishes so perfectly. And a little hand painted dish from Mexico, a divided serving tray, a little terracotta vase, and, and, and… Now I have the challenge of finding a place to store these treasures (this is about the third hand off of dishes from Judy this year…it’s getting crowded on my shelves). I am seriously going to have to have a pay it forward session and go through my things to eliminate those I don’t use. I am a dish hoarder. Which is just one step above a dish whore. And if the dish were really beautiful enough I might just…(sigh). Sorry. I got distracted. Anyway, because our tastes are so similar you can bet that I found among her cast offs some treats for myself. Her trash: my treasure.

After sorting through two big boxes of handoffs and picking out my treasures, there was still a big box and a half of give-aways. I took those too as they will go to the soon-to-be-opened Jubilee Reach thrift store. This fall, in a store front space in upper Redmond, Jubilee Reach will be opening a second hand and surplus store. The shop will serve several purposes: provide retail training for the underemployed in our community, create an additional revenue source for Jubilee Reach Center; be a source of needed furnishings and clothing for those in the community, and; be a great place for us to get rid of our trash to become someone else’s treasure.

An exciting sideline to the whole Thrift Store facility: my friend Anne has been hired to help get the thing going. She was up for a new employment challenge and so many aspects of this are right up her alley. Lots to still be figured out but in the meantime, please keep the shop in mind as you are cleaning out cupboards and closets. I think they will be selling home furnishings and furniture as well. I think I heard they are working with Pottery Barn and the likes for getting traded out inventory. You can check with me and I’ll arrange for delivery/storage of donated items. I believe there will also be opportunities to volunteer in the store. I’m so proud of Anne for getting this job: she will be awesome at procuring donations, staging and decorating the store, working with the community. I’ll try to keep the blog up to date on activity related to getting the store open.

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