Friday, November 13, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out...

not in Georgia. But just remembering that song..."the night they hung an innocent man." That song is right up there with the day "Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahassee bridge." Not to get sidetracked or anything.
But, as I was saying, last night was the night the lights went out at the Seattle Center. Unfortunately it was the same night we (five of us) had tickets to Book-It Theater at the Center. Supposed to see "Emma." Seriously, we pulled up and there were no lights anywhere around. So instead we moved our rendezvous to Belltown and had a most scrumption dinner at Wasabi Bistro. As one at our table exclaimed "This is the best Sushi I've ever had." Same place I took Andy to celebrate his HS graduation a few years ago. It really is a special treat. And we got plenty to eat plus a beer or two all for less than $30 each. I'm seeing if I can get rebooked for the play for next week as the message from the theater was that they'd try to reticket anyone who missed last night because of the outage. I guess the lights did come on just before the performance but by that time several people had moved on.
My favorite roll from Wasabi Bistro: Green Decadence. It's green onion, tempura asparagus, wrapped with rice and then avacado. Served with a wasabi aoli. Also had a shrimp tempura roll with Mango "Mango Tango", eel roll, and a few others.
Love the atmosphere here. Belltown is so hip.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOHH! I'm so jealous. It was a reunion, of sorts. How I long for the fun-filled, beautiful days in Tuscany, spent with some of the most amazing women I know. Glad you had a good night out.