Monday, November 30, 2009

The Psychology of Adjustment

I had been falling asleep daydreaming of those Anthropology dishes. Even went on the website and filled my shopping cart a few times.

But when I got to the totals, I just couldn't find a way to commit that much money. Still, it did occupy some mind space, especially when I lay my head down. So I looked at some alternate places to shop. Like Target. And World Market and Peer 1.

I found a set of way cool blue hobnail patterned mixing bowls at a little shop at the beach on Saturday. They were so different. Special retro look. They came home with me.

Then at the shop on Sunday I nabbed some cool looking old books with blue covers that I pictured as using as trivets for hot things on the table...IF I should just happen to end up with some new white stoneware dishes of some sort. Also found a stoneware cream pitcher and some cool white candlestick holders.

Eventually some none-Anthropology dishes ended up in my trunk.
Now on the table. Along with a few old Chinese figurines that have been in my family for generations.

Some little parcels of gift soaps all nicely wrapped up that just happened to have all the right colors to tie everything together.

A white starfish that was given to me by the little shop that I got the hobnail bowls in because I loved it and it didn't have a price on it.
Now I am cracking up because I realize the title of my book trivet is a good summary of what I've just done. Recreated my family table. A little needed adjustment for my psyche. It's an old old book but I wonder if it has a chapter on "Retail Therapy" because I think that is what I just did.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I love all the pictures/displays and your words are so wonderful too. Good on ya, Sis. I wish I could be sitting at that lovely table with you. We'd enjoy some good food and wine and a lot of laughs.