Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I would like you to meet Pink Chair. She is my new best friend. We had been admiring each other ever since the day I first saw her in Anne’s shop.

She was so beautiful that Anne wanted to keep her for display purposes only. Anything near her took on a new look of refinement. She had smashing outfits flung across her. Hats and gloves perched on her. She helped put the heart in “Heart and Home.”

Even though I knew she wasn’t for sale I kept referring to her as “my pink chair.” And made Anne promise to let me know if she ever was going to put her up for sell.

That chair got more compliments and inquiries than any other item in the store. In fact the other store workers were begging Anne to sell it because they were getting so tired of telling folks who really wanted it that she was not for sale.

One lady came in several times to ask Anne if she could rent the chair for Christmas. She had a pink Christmas tree and NEEDED the chair to go by it. (I told Anne if she comes in again she can talk to me. I would rent her for the holiday so I could give the proceeds back to the shop. I think it will be crowded with her and the Christmas tree in my tiny living room)

Several weeks ago Anne said the chair had to go. I put a sold sign on it. But, as it didn’t fit in the Cooper I couldn’t take it. So still it sat on the floor. Now with a “SOLD” sign on it. I paid my cash and waited. We finally had to move it to the back of the store because people were still wanting that chair. Offering more than I had paid. I think I’ve told you what a good friend Anne is. She knew the chair was mine.

This last weekend, when Andy was home, I borrowed his car and picked up the chair. I am still not 100% sure if she will stay in the living room, or be lugged upstairs to sit by the lake window, providing a nice reading refuge.

But she is a great new roommate.

……speaking of new roommates. Andy informed me this weekend that the Wasband’s girlfriend has now moved into my old house. I have such a love affair going on with my little cottage that I have never once thought about the old house. Until now. Now She is walking the floors that we refinished. She his tending my perennial gardens (I hope she is tending them). She is sleeping in the bed that we shared. Hanging her clothes in my closet. Entertaining in my kitchen. But she has to sit on his lap. I get to sit on my pink chair. I will be just fine. I have new gardens to tend. New floors to pace. Better views and better Karma. Just some more psychology of adjustment.


U Can Still Play in the Rain said...
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U Can Still Play in the Rain said...

Hello pink chair, so nice to meet you. I can see why you were so popular. You are going to be quite happy in your new home-hope to meet you someday!