Thursday, December 17, 2009

Over It...

Sorry about that last post. I'm over it. Andy has his car back and it is running better than ever.
I just get pissed off that I still get pissed off...OK, so maybe NOT over it. Sigh... On to BETTER things...

This morning I looked at my lit tree and decided it should stay. Every year I am tempted to leave the tree up...year round. One can entertain that thought with a fake tree. No needles to loose. No watering to be done. Could stay there year round. For about two months after I take it down the living room feels naked. I love a Christmas Tree. In my heaven Christmas trees will not be seasonal.
My spiral staircase looks so happy wearing a garland of greens and red berry beads.

Andy helped me decorate as usual. I love this little game we play about his home made ornaments from grade school. He sorts through the ornament box and pulls out the raggedy, abused, falling apart ornaments. He says "I think this is probably past its prime. Should we throw it away?"


And I prop the Styrofoam cup bell that no longer has it's hanging loop or jingle bell onto the limbs where it balances.
And I hang the First Grade heart at eye level in a prominent place where no one can miss it.
He acts all embarrassed and turns away so I can't see his smile. (We will do the same next year, and the next year, and the next year, and however many Christmases we get to have together)
The old sock monkey wears his happy stupid grin. (So do I)

The hand smocked ornament that was a present from my ex-mother in law I got to keep because it is a WSU ornament and my ex does not care about WSU.

I put on a flock of moth eaten white doves that I got in a grab box from some garage sale. I think they are beautiful. Even if they are a bit tathered.

The scuba Santa that Andy and I brought home as a memento of Christmas in Tahiti with my family a few years ago swims onto the tree.

Even the cactus in my messy office knows its Christmas. This poor plant. It thrives on abuse and neglect. It always gives a nice bloom after I rescue it from near death. (any life parallels you'd like to make here?)
I do keep this wreath up in my office year round. It's no longer just a Christmas thing. So maybe you will find the tree in my living room in July. If you apologies. It would be on purpose.

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