Monday, December 21, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Sometimes when I have failed latte art I try to find the face of the Virgin Mary in the foam patterns. Or the face of my savior, Jesus Christ.

This morning, no such luck. At least I don't think so. Though maybe, just maybe about 9:00 on the picture, if you squint and kind of tilt your head to the right.... Or maybe that's a celestial angel sideways, between 9:00 and 3:00... You might have to lie down to see it...

These are not desperate times. Not like the incident when the world was dropping away and I was convinced that the hugely enormous bird shit on my window must certainly contain the image of a savior, any savior, as I was enormously in need. (btw, a savior did arrive, who promptly asked me about my medications when I tried to have her help me diagnose the bird shit for a sign of a friendly face. She just didn't get it. Maybe you don't either. That's a risk I'm willing to take.)

I look for images delivering messages in the clouds. And also in marble patterns. I always have. Ever since I was a little girl. The tub surround in my childhood home had a gold and white swirly marble patterned Formica. Each soaking I would lay back with just my mouth and eyes and nose above the surface, locating each known image: the two wolves; the Indian maiden; the merry-go-round horse; the half elephant/half lioness creature stalking the other wall images. I would look for new images until the water grew cold and I had to give it up. On hot still days I would lay in the yard and will cloud shapes to reveal themselves to me. I'm thinking I'd like to do that again. Soon.

At the rental we were in before my cottage, there was an image of David hidden in the tile square just in front of the bathroom throne. I really wanted to ask if anyone else could see it but I didn't have the nerve. At that time my grip on sanity was tenuous at best. Though I am convinced he would have easily been spotted by anyone else who might be directed to look, I wasn't willing to risk any outside assessment of my sanity. I guess you could say I have toughened up a bit since then. As now I am confessing and not too worried about whether you feel I am nuts or not. I'm taking that risk as I'm betting there is some part in everyone, who sometimes sees messages in things, whether they will openly admit it or not. So now you know: I look for Jesus in my latte foam. Not that I need any proof of His proximity. It just would be a shame not to see anything He might have put in front of me to see.

Where I did see Christ's face this weekend was in the glow of Natalie's smile as she got to participate with the rest of the children in her Church's Christmas service. Her smile was gigantic as she looked out at the audience and then at the children she was next to: almost not believing her good fortune to be part of this precious scene. She was an angel: a messenger from Heaven: "rejoice. God is so good." If this beautiful child of God can beam his love then how can we not receive it? There wasn't a dry eye in our row, and dare I say, in the entire sanctuary. It was just that sweet.

Meanwhile, Sam joined the chorus of Wise Men, taking us to follow the star. He had his parts down well, never missed a beat. Treated his position with the careful responsibility such an important calling is due.

Blessings rained on the congregation as we watched the children remind us of the reason for this season.

But even angels have their moments. Earlier this morning, posing with the mall Santa, Natalie dropped her wings for a moment, and sent Sam flying instead. I understand he really flew. Far. I'm pretty sure it was probably an uncontrolled spasm, rather than a calculated move. However, I'm guessing that Natalie delighted in her little display of power, especially since no brothers were harmed in the making of this photo. She's a gal after my own heart.

I'll continue to look for images in my images and invite you to do the same. Here are a few from my i-phone camera that might just contain something in them for you, even if not necessarily for me. Have fun.


Laura said...

I saw a lot of vaginas. Is it just me? What is that? I always find a vagina.

when I was little, I would find images on the green school bus seats...I remember loving it when I found the leaf.

I am going to have my kids see what the can see now...

Laura said...

ok, so 8 year old Belle saw a TRex, an owl, a foot print, a praying mantis, and a bride.

Lou Woods said...

So cool, Laura. Seeing hidden things is an exercise in age reduction. I oft' see vaginas too. I think it means we are gifted. Or warped. Or seriously disturbed. I choose option number 1.