Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Wonderful

Pretty soon my house will look like this.

And my neighborhood like this

Jill hosted a Gingerbread House party.

A woman in her Bible Study group does gingerbread ministry: making homes for deserving people to decorate.

I got there late after working at Anne's store.

Next year I will rearrange my schedule.

These are too cute. This one is Natalie's.

Saturday night dinner club dinner and gift exchange. So good to see my tribe at Katie's amazing Christmas House (seven trees, no less). We all got in on Katie's sale. Table top topiaries added to my table. And a few more things, because, as I said, pretty soon my house will look like that first one.

Friday night reunited with old friends. Monica is all grown up. What a stunning young woman!
What I didn't get pictures of: Saturday morning, three college friends from the sorority made their way to my house. Five hours flew by...what happens when you only get together every 20 years. Awed by the life journies of these women. Not an easy road for any of us. But we survived. There are some good stories to share.

The Reason for the Season

This is my favorite picture of the year: Nikki's beautiful daughters, the always happy Kate and older sister Lauren. Oh my!

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