Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caught Cheating On...

I stood there blinking, put my hand on my hip and said "what do you mean? I can too!" to the chubby bespectacled barrista boy. I thought he was pulling my leg when he shook my vintage Starbucks Card at me. This is my favorite card, and I often get comments from the Barristas about how they love this version. It's now considered "vintage" but I still keep it loaded up so I can grab a cup 'o on the run. I had just been at a job site, and the hard hat and bright vest hadn't done much to keep the cold and wet out. I wanted a caramel apple cider and I wanted it now. So I wasn't going along with his teasing and said "I can too! I use it all the time." He laughed and said "Do you know where you are?" The light bulb finally went off. I did one of those slap my hand on my forehead things. Fumbled around for my words. Blushed a bright pink.
I exchanged the Starbucks card for the Tully's card I had in my wallet. He just laughed and said "happens all the time." It was slow at Tully's in the middle of the afternoon so he came around to the end of the counter where my drink was being put together. He told his buddy about what I had done, in a rather jovial matter. I said "I feel like I've been caught cheating on you. Like I've been unfaithful." And I did. I am a coffee house playboy. I'll passionately indulge in one chain's coffee for several days, and then switch to the other. I'll do one-night stands with independent houses. In fact those are usually my favorites. I've done one house in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. Oh my gosh. I'm a coffee house slut. (which may explain this) A step down from a playboy I think. If I arrive at one house and have to get rid of another house's cup from my cup holder I try to keep the cup hidden until it is deposited in the outside trash can. Today I was busted. The guy was nice about it. But it was I that felt the shame. I have no idea how folks pull off affairs.

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