Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Doing a Happy Dance!

My friend Steve came through for me! He's a savy e-bay/Craig's List shopper so I knew he'd be skilled at finding me a replacement for my sorely missing Starbuck's Card (Valentine's Day 2005 version). I wrote about it here.
[Exciting update: after this post I went to register the card to start using it and found that there was a $5 balance on the card. I think this is more than what Steve found the card for. I owe someone a cup o' Joe!]

I had a brutal day at work: major IT transmission problems, phone system problems wreaking havoc on a crazy day. Project wise, by days end I had 80 new e-mails in my box to deal with, resulting in 50 outgoing mails, transferring all my inbound calls to my cell to deal with the phone probs, working out the probs with the home office, three new projects to get proposals on, setting two meetings with SDOT on two different projects, coordinating CAD drawings on four projects, meeting with a VMS (that's variable message signs) rep from France, and QC-ing three documents to send out. Thank God Molly was back and helping me accomplish all this. I know: bring out the violins. But I was beat and when I headed out at 6:00 it was darker than dark and raining buckets.
But I had a good target to head to: Steve and Judy's. Lured there by a promise of a glass of wine, "snacks" (which, if you know Judy, you can assume a wonderful spread) and the opportunity to go through some dishes she had cleared out of her pantry and was giving me first dibs on. If that wasn't enough, sitting there I was surprised with this lovely Starbucks card. SCORE!!! Despite the brutal day I couldn't help but give a happy dance. I love having my new card, plus wonderful new treasures for serving food in/on and most of all love my dear friends. Muah!

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