Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love Sightings

I spotted the pick-up truck pulling into the shop and go store near the gas pumps where I was loading my car up. It was a typical farmer’s truck: extra high suspension over extra big tires, a thin coat of dust over all surfaces. Some extra lights up on top. Very typical for the Palouse farm country I was driving through. The farm guy got out, wearing mechanic’s overalls, like many of them do. Though I wasn’t close enough to confirm this I have no doubt that his lower lip was full of chew. In fact he was probably picking up more at this store. But what caught my eye first was the advertising on the side of the truck: a photo of a lovely pastry and the words “Gourmet Desserts” and then a phone number. That looked out of character for a farming truck. Then I saw love written all over. Well the words “love” weren’t anywhere on the truck. What it did say was “Elizabeth’s Slumber Parties.” Followed by a phone number and then a few other descriptive words. This guy was driving around town and country advertising for his wife’s very girlie businesses. It seemed so incongruent on the farm truck. I couldn’t get my husband to ride across town with a box of kotex for me hidden in a paper bag in his trunk. Nothing the least bit feminine could be found inside or outside of his oh so manly Subaru. But this guy here. I think he really loved his wife. It made me smile, and even a little bit envious.

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