Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thoughts at Sunrise

Yesterday was chock full o' writing inspiration, from the joy of fixing coffee for a friend who dropped by to start the day, to spending time at JRC interviewing families for the Christmas gifting program (do you know about Bakugan Balls? You will by Christmas), to running long put off errands to the dry cleaner, gathering up things for needed forms for Sudan trip, to hitting my favorite thrift shop, to watching a most incredible movie (Secret Life of Bees) with two wonderful women friends, to helping an amazing friend from way back celebrate her 50th at a great restaurant that I haven't been to in a long time. So I've got movie and restaurant reviews, thrift shop treasures to share, heartbreaking stories of families in need and a tribute to my friend Dee who is an inspiration in perseverance and survival and then all these other random thoughts of other things I wanted to share like necktie skirts and my Michael Jordan stories. Not sure where to start. I'm looking forward to hanging out in pyjamas, drinking a latté in bed and working on some of this. Then again, it's not even seven AM yet...oh yes, and I just remembered I got another hour today with the clock reset. Life is good.
Photo taken in a Sicilian lemon grove at sunrise, 2007

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