Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Not having a good week, on oh so many levels. As such it's pretty easy to be preoccupied and unaware of what's going on around me. Anyway, I just slumped to the restroom down the hall and as I sat there in the midst of my pity party I looked up and saw this guy grinning down at me. Kind of a Pinocchio character saying "ooh" disguised as a coat hook. So I snagged a pic to share with you. Again (like my photo session in the airplane bathroom) I was hoping not to get caught taking a picture in a bathroom stall. I was lucky.

So now, being aware of my surroundings, I also took a pic of the retro ashtray in the stall though it has been years since it's been allowable to smoke in a bathroom stall. I have to admit at the moment, having a smoke in a secluded bathroom in the throws of my funk, perhaps throwing in a complete meltdown seems awfully tempting. Sigh.... I am tempted to come back over the weekend with a screwdriver and take that no longer needed ashtray. I want one in my own home. No, I wouldn't smoke inside but it would add a nice retro touch to the bathroom. Maybe I could set a pretty candle on it. Or rose petals. I had a sweet aunt (once or twice removed) who lived in a beautiful home and was always so proper. She'd disappear into her private bathroom for a good long session a few times a day and come back smelling like smoke. I always admired her mix of independence and class.

One funny thought...I remember observing the name on the toilet seat covers in the bathroom of a different office. The seat cover dispenser was imprinted with (I assume) the company name "Rest Assured." Now that must have been some fun party when they came up with that inspired name.

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