Monday, October 20, 2008

I Left my Heart in City Hall

I am bummed. Really bummed. Three weeks ago I had a project meeting at DPD (Department of Planning and Development). I walked from my office. To travel lightly I had put a few necessities in my coat pocket. That included a few business cards, a few dollars and my Starbucks card since I was meeting my client in the lobby Starbucks before the meeting. It was one of those changeable fall days and so while it was chilly when I walked up there it was warmer when I left and I was nearly all the way back at my office before I realized I had left my coat in the meeting room. I thought hard about turning right back to get it but the shoes I had on were barely good enough for one round trip. My feet were not in to the return trip. So when I got back I called and e-mailed the City project manager we had met with to see if he could check and see if the coat was still there. Alas it was not and he could not locate it at the front desk or anywhere else either. I was bummed because it was a fairly new coat a salesclerk at Nordstrom had talked me into that was more than I should have spent but had convinced myself I deserved. So I was sad but not nearly as sad as I was when I realized that my Starbucks card was missing too. This is a card I've carried for several years now. It was the Valentines day 2005 card and often elicited fond comments from clerks and strangers when I pulled it out. Ironically, 2005 is the year my 20 year marriage was officially ended. There's a lot of heartbreak around that card. But somehow I think it helped me keep my heart intact. Seeing those hearts when I whipped it out was a nice reminder that there is some special beauty in my life. (do you think I sound pathetic...oh my) It's gone and I am now oh-so-sad every time I whip out the ugly generic card I have now. Will somebody please help me find a replacement? As I was searching the net to find a picture of the card I had this brilliant idea. If I am ever reunited with my card, or a replacement I will start taking pictures of it in the interesting places I go. Like the garden gnomes in Amelie (one of my movie faves). This card could go to Sudan with me in January. Tuscany in June? It would be the perfect travel companion: small and light. Oh please, please, please. I think I could be very inspired: a photo journal, writing inspiration about adventures with my card. Perhaps I will make a plea to Starbucks...see if they have a heart (pun intended). The card is registered so maybe there's hope. If they have a stash of the old cards around that is. I'll keep you posted

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