Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to My World, Toddler Mama

Saturday, after awakening to my own internal clock
After a stop at my coffee shop where I take the time
To treat myself
I duck into the grocery store
To pick up a few items: steak, fennel and a good bottle of wine
For dinner tonight, a few friends over
My adult world, seemingly on-kilter

In front of me,
The young woman, also in the express checkout
With her two important items:
The largest package of disposable diapers I’ve ever seen
And a supersize can of energy drink
She’s wearing a white blouse and black slacks
The uniform of someone serving others for a living

I sidle up beside her and say
“your selection of items sure tells a story”
She looks at the counter and breaks into hearty laugh
“Welcome to my world” she says
I notice the dark circles under her eyes
And I remember
When her world was mine
And wonder how I ever did it

Tonight, the one that once
I bought diapers for
And an energy drink for myself
(coffee in those days)
Is home for the summer
Still sleeping in at this hour on Saturday
Will be out with friends tonight
I will still have circles under my eyes

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