Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am On My Deck With Jasmine (July 2008)

I am on my deck
The smell of jasmine kissing me
The lake through the trees
Provides perfection
It is in this moment
Saturated with the scent
The warmth
The sight
The taste of so much love
I wonder
How is it I am here?

This week was brutal
As they all seem to be lately
When I give up
I crawl home
Overwhelmed and
Open a Stella
Bring my pup into my arms
Wanting to check out
There You are
In my neighbors
Who call me over to their
Spontaneous tailgate celebration
And before I know it
We are all on my deck
Carla, Dick, Hugh, Cynthia, Jenny, Jenny’s husband, Chris, Meaghan, Rod
And me
Celebrating Friday

They have gone on now
And I, with too much alcohol
Into me
Am bittersweet
Like the beer I sip
Unbelieving that I am here
And sad
And feeling sorely messed up
I feel so loved
Yet so separated

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