Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mo-orea, Polynesia (December 2005)

It did not lay lightly on my mind
The beach, the laughter, the families and lovers
In each other’s company, fragility was silent
My family, my son, my absent mate
With danger unseen in the beauty of the sea
The fragility silent but oh so there

The honeymooners in dazed lazy blissfulness
And sunburned discomfort
Look at our children with hope and dreams
Fragility suspended under the water’s surface
Above the beautiful fishes
While sharks pass just beyond visibility

The flowers whisper of love and beauty
Their fragrance calls
In the breeze
That chases away the bugs and heat
The native music swaying hips in rum punch buzz
Laughter in the tales told a hundred times
Fragility gathers beyond the bay

In collecting waves imminent assault gathers
Paradise’s paradoxical impermanent beauty
Fragility gathering in a sunset
Pink and orange and blood red red

We are not safe but for a moment
Paradise is ours
And fragility stays at bay

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