Friday, October 17, 2008

Peanut Buster Parfait...or why not to worry...

Time for a food analogy. My favorite foods are complex and have at least two opposites going on: sweet and salty; smooth and crunchy; hot and cold; etc. Take the Peanut Buster Parfait. In my opinion the most perfect food ever. Sweet ice cream with salty peanuts and earthy chocolate. Hot fudge sauce and cold ice cream. Crunchy peanuts and smooth chocolate sauce and soft ice cream. Could there ever be a better dish? Or Curry. Hot, spicy. Must be cut with mango chutney. Chutney itself: fruit and onions and nuts. You get the point?

And so too am I. Well not a good dish. But complex. Sweet and salty. Hot and cold. Rough and smooth. Happy and sad. I find poetry easier to write from a melancholy, introspective place. The prose, are mostly vignettes of things that happened and I found amusing. The poems, which really write themselves, often end up being sort of an exploration of that internal contrast. That battle inside of good and evil; happy and sad; connected and isolated. Which is all written to say to my friend that worries that my poetry makes her think I am sad not to worry. I have counterbalance... But thanks for worrying. You are a bush to hang onto when there's worrying to be done. For now...nothing to fix!

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