Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting a Sugar Daddy

Can’t my writing stand on its own merit? When I mentioned to a friend that I dreamed of writing a book but wasn’t sure how I could do that financially (I think I said this indirectly by stating it would be good to win the lottery so I could dedicate my time to writing it) he said something like “you probably want a Sugar Daddy.” Blech, yuck, vomit. I was kinda stunned and not sure what to say in return. It was an inappropriate statement. I think I gave him a look like “I can’t believe you said that.” And mumbled something like “no. NO. No way.” He back pedaled as to how then I wasn’t like most women he had met. That they were all looking for someone to keep them. Well that’s not me. Or is it? Hmmm. On one hand I would be lying if I were to say that it wasn’t important for me for a potential life mate to be financially secure and even better if he was well off so that we didn’t have to worry about money and so I wouldn’t have to work until I’m 65. Hell yes. That would be nice. But even so, it would be important for me to come into a relationship financially sound, not dependent on the other to keep me. And for sure I don’t want to be in a position where I am financially taking care of the other: having them financially dependent on me. I’ve done that. Have worn myself out doing that. Lost a lot in retirement and investment (company stock) to get out of that. I do daydream that some editor will discover my writing, will help me get published, my book and subsequent new editions would take off, be a best seller and set me up to write and publish as I can without having to worry about keeping down a full time job. Yes….sigh….that would be nice. But I do not see doing that at the expense of giving up my independence. Don’t want no sugar daddy, that’s for sure.

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