Friday, November 27, 2009


Words took flight today
And did not return
I struggled with what to write
Caring Bridge brought the sad news
The cancer is back
For the third or fourth or fifth time
The cancer is back
And the words are gone

They have been on this shore before
My friends have seen the Light across the water
Have had their foot in the boat
And allowed to return to shore
This time it looks like the boat will leave

One will cross the water
One will stay on shore
One will reach the light
One will only see it in the distance
How do we comfort?
How do we push the boat off
To a great destination
Wish a “bon voyage,
Arrivederci, rejoice for an end of this last rough journey?

Give us the words to say or write
Give us the arms to hold tight
The shoulders to lean on
The tears to flow
For our friend on the shore
For all of us on the shore together
Knowing one day another boat
Will take us across the water too

1 comment:

Laura said...

you are amazing
your words are absolutely beautiful and simply...amazing

I checked out the link, and I am so sad
I will keep your friend in my prayers
because I really do pray

this post is just so are so talented and wonderful and amazing

I said amazing a lot, didn't I?
well...I mean it