Sunday, February 14, 2010

To Mom, with Love

Last night was beautiful. The kind of evening that floats my boat.

Inspired by my spring gift from last week, I had planted primroses around the house. And set a long table.

I had invited some of my closest friends over for dinner. An evening to celebrate love.

A salute to St. Valentine’s in a way. Not romantic love. Something better than that. Love of each other’s company. Love to share time, laughter, a few tears.

All brought good dishes to share.

And good wine.

My contribution was spinach pesto rolled flank steak (in my cookbook).

I haven’t made this in years. It still impresses. (even myself)

A little part of my heart glowed when M. said to the others “I’ve said this before. J does a better job of getting friends together than anyone I know.” (For the record, J does not feel like this is a job. It is a blessing.) This “gift” is something I learned from my mother. Friends were important to her. She had many good friends. More importantly, she had many quality friends.

Once I became an adult she became one of my good friends as well. She would have been right at home in my home last night. I learned so much from her about how to be a friend. How to enjoy my friends. How to have fun with friends. How friends help you heal. How you don’t have to be perfect for your friends (I stopped short of cleaning my floors before my friends came over last night. Friends don’t require perfection. I learned that from Mom too.)

Happy Valentine's Day. I wish I knew how to make a good latte heart....

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