Friday, February 12, 2010

Word of the day: DREAM

Dream. That was the message from Anna Cummins who spoke to the kids today at JRC.

Today the Olympics kick off just up the road from us. So we had a special guest this morning. Two time medaler (one silver in Greece, one gold in China). Rower. Incredible young woman.

She spoke to an attentive group of youngsters. Her message: Dream Big! This is what all Olympians have in common. They have a dream.

All the kids closed their eyes and dreamed of their big dream. They shared. Singers. Artists. Skaters. Computer game developers. These are our children’s dreams.

Second part of the lesson: to get to this dream what can I do today that will start me and keep me on that path. Hands up!! Practice. Research. Study. Sing.

Third lesson: Dreams may change over time. But that’s OK. Because the work you do towards your dream will prepare you for a new dream down the road. Anna didn’t row until she was 19 years old. But God had prepared her for a new dream.

Then we had a little flag ceremony. Kids wore hats representing different countries. Well, not contries. ‘cause we just had a bunch of goofy hats. So we had the countries of Shark and Catfish represented.

And we touched a real gold medal. An Olympic gold medal. How very incredibly cool is that? (me thinks very, very cool indeed)

Everything followed by a nutritious and delicious and fresh made breakfast. Before heading off to school.

Kids at school have dreams too. This one posted in the hallway. It kinda made us sad. And oh how I related too.

("__'s dream for the world is someone will play with you at recess")

I am not too old to dream. And I now have friends to play at recess with.

What is your dream?

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