Saturday, March 27, 2010


I could watch jelly fish for hours.

The grace of movement

The repulsive pulsating blobs

That somehow transform into beauty as they move

Dancing together alone

Stanley Park Aquarium

Quick road trip with Andy on his spring break

Two days in Vancouver with my boy.

Checking out the City landscape....and the ethnic food


Back to school. And work.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Sis! You know, sometimes I wish I were a jellyfish especially when you describe them. I'm pretty good at dancing together alone. I didn't know that you and Andy had a Vancouver get-away. That is so cool. It makes me happy to think of you two traveling together and taking in the sites. We four are heading off to Humboldt State tomorrow. It is a long road trip but we have three drivers. I'm excited to leave P-town for a bit. Talk to you soon. Love ya, YKW (You Know Who - I have to post as Anonymous so I might as well have fun with it!)