Wednesday, March 10, 2010

um...what I'm not saying is...

I am in a dry spell. Life is not profound at the mo'. It's a grind. Nose to the grindstone. Work taking up way too much of my waking hours and permeating my dreams. Burned. Burned out. Stressed out clients. Fires to put out. Things to worry about in the off hours. Not a good chapter to be in right now.

I have had some really great things over the last few weeks: beach get away with Anne where we met up with my bro' Tom and his wife for a razor clam feast and chocolate fest; catching a movie with friends; going to a play with others. But even then, in the back of the head: work stress. Puts a thick blanket over even these distractions.

I need to kick my own azz. Which leads me to reveal that I am this evening browsing the internet for Wii Console and Wii Fit deals. Do they have a Kick Yur Own Azz game for that? I want to find a workout option to do at home since I don't seem to be very good about the gym kinds of workouts these days. But then would that just be another piece of equipment that I'd sink $$ into that ends up collecting dust in a corner of my house?

I think I need to create something for myself to look forward to. Currently: no trips on the horizon; no classes signed up for; no nuthin' to plan to do other than all the stuff I'm behind in at work.

and so, just hard to blog as there is nothing much to share other than the mundane.

Stay tuned. Or not. No promises. Send help. Kick azz. Take prisoners. Wake up. Shod off. Buggers. Swear loudly. Pray louder. Kick my azz. Inspire me. Don't worry. Be happy. Good luck!

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