Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Dimension

I sat in my seat mesmerized. These lovely glasses on my nose. The big screen in front of me became more than a scene as I became one with the characters on Planet Pandora.

As far as the movie Avatar goes, I wasn't knocked on my azz by the story line. Well, the premise of becoming one with the natives through genetic crossing was clever, but in the end it was pretty darn predictable. Maybe a little more violent than I enjoy. But the 3D affects were astounding.

Speaking of seeing things in a new dimension, my son is really amazing me these days. I caught a ride over to "the 'Berg" with Anne and Ronda and their two sons yesterday. The WSU Lacrosse team (on which their boys play) was playing at Central. While the guys warmed up on the field, we went and picked up Andy to take him to lunch. Yellow Church cafe: the best!

Sometimes I have a hard time keeping a straight face when I tell people Andy's majoring in communication. Historically communication has not been his strong point. We're talking extreme shyness, poor eye contact, one word answers, monotone voice. But over the last year or so, he's come so far. He was enthusiastically relating to Anne and Ronda the things he's involved with at school. He has one of the most listened to radio shows on campus. He's pulling in A's and B's while working 19 hours a week at the station. He's organizing a campus fundraiser "Chili for Chile" to help earthquake victims. He's speaking with a confidence and enthusiasm I never thought possible. Perhaps its a little bit of "Late Bloomer" syndrome. Whatever it is, I love it.

As I love to remind my friends, "you can only be as happy as your saddest child." Right now my child is making me very happy. A great new dimension for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Ah . . . and Awe! This post makes me very happy. I love Andy and I love you. I look forward to the day when my kiddos amaze me. I know it will happen. I'm glad it's your time!