Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have learned...

Not all the world lives under the direction of
Love thy neighbor as thyself
Do unto others as you would have them
Do unto you

I am uncomfortable living in a world
Where respect for another is based on
Where they are from and
What level of wealth or poverty they were born into
How much education they had the privilege to get

I do not like the part
About “owning” another person
Not even caring if they are inconvenienced
(maybe even hurt)
By my actions

I find it hard to stand by
And watch them struggle to
Carry or move or take care of something
That I am perfectly capable of doing myself
I hate it when I am stopped from doing something
Because it is beneath me
And we have others to do it for us

And I am supposed to be silent


Anonymous said...

Well put, Sis! I like that you are sensitive to the cultural situation you are, yet you can express the disdain you have for some practices. Keep on honoring others and yourself. You're the best!

KelleyM said...

Wow...once again, I am reminded how fortunate we are to be women born in the United States. It's not a perfect place, but we are oh, so privileged. Thanks for sharing your observations and reflections.

-- G. said...

Hello. I know this is off topic for this post, but I wanted to let you know that I've awarded you an informal blogging award called "Stylish Blogger Award".

To read about this award, please visit my blog post here: http://thechucklingmuse.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blog-award.html

Please don't feel like you have to participate in this in anyway. I know I wouldn't have if it didn't give me an excuse to see what other blogs were out there. (It was the writing and background that really got me!)

I should also let you know that I linked your blog on that post. If you wish me to remove the link, please just ask.

Congrats on having what I think is a stylish blog!