Friday, February 4, 2011


I believe in every woman (well almoste every woman)
there is a gene that drives her to nest
To build a home
To make a place of peace and retreat
And a place to receive and welcome others inside

After seven months in the company flat
My nesting gene was reawakened as we move into our own place

Warmed the the thought of a gas cooktop
And homemade butternut squash soup

The City skyline stretched out before me from the kitchen pass through

The primal drive to possess the most cheerful lampshade I've ever seen
Which puts a smile on my face even with the weight of this very strange world on my shoulders

The need for storage dictates a bed with drawers underneath
White bedroom furniture is not in my blood
But options are limited
And, with the help of the aforementioned most cheerful lampshade ever
I make peace with it
I see it as haven, if not heaven

And a sunrise shows off for me every morning
At the edge of my world

I count among the blessings
A soaking tub in my private loo
And think of the nights of water dipped from an old oil drum
In the bug infested nights of Sudan
And remind myself how very fortunate I am
Even when I mostly want to leave where I am

With walls and walls of mirrors in the place
Reflection cannot be avoided
Come on in
Sit right down
Awaiting your arrival

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