Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Through the Lens Today

On the way home from work, stuck in traffic, I noticed this truck with the very fancy decorations on his side-view mirror. So I took a shot (I am in that obnoxious new camera owner stage where I am taking pictures of everything - except of course people, see previous notes).

But what I really liked about this shot was the reflection of the driver. The distance and the mirror gives it a painting like quality when zoomed in (I am liking the zooming feature :) I need to get a good photo processing program to really play around with these. Any suggestions?

Lamb Shwarma for the 2nd time this week: I'm spoiled!

"Two Star Refreshment"...let's set the bar low!

"Goodwill Fashion Garmets"...and they aren't even used.

The shot that got away: the butcher shop sign "Meat Butchery" with pictures of a goat, a sheep and a camel. No beef or chicken there. And now I know where to go when the recipe calls for camel meat.


Leontien said...

schwarma again!!!! lucky you!!!

KelleyM said...

mmmm.... camel.... (Just kidding!)

So, what's the story about people not wanting their pictures taken? Is it a stealing your soul kind of thing like the Amish? Does this go the same for paintings - so, no portraits in their art galleries? So curious.