Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

These lovelies are from my yard.

As are the lilcas.

The "peony tulips" from opening day at the Redmond Farmers Market. Where Andy and I went while he was "recovering" at home. After the market, ice cream from Theos dairy while listening to an entertaining "American Life" program on the radio. It's really fun to hang out with my son sometimes. Life is good. He's doing much better than I feared.

He's got his hospital bracelet on which he says he's leaving on for two months so that he can remind himself and others why he is not drinking! (and maybe get some sympathy from the ladies?)

Oh, and check out the last entry. I retyped the message in the card. The first time I did it from memory. The real thing is a thousand times better and makes me smile and cry all over again!

My front patio is abloom as well. This is such a peaceful place to hang my hat.

Last weekend I met up with Andrea for a long walk followed by an important catch up at the new wine bar on Mercer Island. As you can tell. Some serious tasting going on.

Yesterday I met up with Hanna and Tessa (8 months) at the downtown park. We strolled and talked and got coffee and pastries.

This child is seriously a magnet. I had her on my lap and no less than a dozen people stopped to admire her. I forgot what that was like. I had one of those of my own a long time ago. I want another.

Last week's fund raiser cooking class for Team Deb (Deb is on the left) with Pranee as top chef. Raised $1,500 for Seattle Brain Cancer Walk.

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